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Google Hangouts vs. Duo vs. Allo: the Ultimate Guide on Messenger Apps

In the field of messenger apps, Google has outdone itself and has offered three options to the world. Many have claimed that there is no point in having three different apps instead of one. However, a single app might have been too heavy to support and the features would have been overwhelming to the average user. So in this way, there is a solution covering each specific requirement in the market. 

Google Hangouts 

Google Hangouts have been established as a messenger app for the past few years, and their popularity is continuously increasing. With Hangouts you get the opportunity to send SMS texts and indulge in video calls. One of its major advantages is the fact that you can expect full cross-platform communication, unlike many competitors. 

Google Duo 

Duo focuses on one to one communication via video calls. With the help of sophisticated encryption, you can benefit from smooth security enhancement and overall efficiency throughout your communication needs. The Knock Knock feature allows you to watch the person who is calling you in the form of preview, for an extra sense of intimacy. 

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Google Allo 

This messenger app is solely available for mobile phone users. It is pretty neat and enables you to enjoy the same features as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Along with these features, though, Allo uses artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology to facilitate communication even more. With Smart Reply, you can choose a suggested answer to send over to your friends via the app instead of typing it yourself. 

Which One Should You Choose? 

Well, the truth is that all these messenger apps cover different aspects of communication online. This means that you cannot do without one or the other, as you will be lacking something. For business purposes, Google Hangouts will be the ideal solution. This tool comes with great features that help you work together as a team and of course schedule online meetings. 

Google Allo is the most suitable option for mobile phone users who seek convenience on the go. If you are determined to maintain your communication freedom no matter what, this app will be of unique assistance to you. It will allow you to conveniently send and receive messages, without any complicated process. 

Last but not least, Google Duo implements an integrated solution for sophisticated security. So if you wish to combine great and thorough security with high-quality video calls and special features.

So it is up to you to decide which messenger app best meets your tailor-made requirements and proceed with its use!

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Google Unveils New Logo to Remain Unique and Relevant

Google Unveils New Logo to Remain Unique and Relevant

Once more, the World’s largest search engine has changed its logo slightly. However, the change is not something new to people who have been using Google in the early years of the 21st century. If you are new in the industry, the changes on the Google’s logo might surprise you. Nevertheless, the whole idea is about trying to be unique and remain relevant to users and investors. If you have not noticed, numerous search engines have emerged in the past few years. Consequently, Google has been experiencing stiff competition from the upcoming search engines, and there was a need to up its game. The slight modification on the Google’s logo is a positive move by the company to remain attractive to users and potential investors.

If you have checked the newly designed logo, it is obvious that Google had no intention to change its logo completely. The truth is that you cannot notice the change in the new logo unless you are very keen. However, newly designed logo is far much better than what the company had in the past in terms of color combination, design and letter fonts. Internet users like sampling new things and Google have realized that the upcoming search engines are becoming a threat to their products. It is obvious that the company has designed a new logo in order to be more appealing to users. Additionally, the new logo will improve how the company interacts with users.

If you love history, it is worth noting that Google logo has been redesigned several times for the last seventeen years. Sometimes Google had a logo with an exclamation mark, and then it introduced a 3D letters logo, now the company has dropped the 3D letters and the colors are more appealing than before. Although the changes on the Google logo in the past were meant to make it more appealing to users, the recent logo reconstruction was a way of showing its new identity. Google has changed ownership, and it is currently owned by Alphabet, holding company created by founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

The change of ownership was a positive move by the Sergey Brin and Larry Page to ensure that their profitable search engine is separated from their other loss making projects such as Internet delivering balloons, robot cars and medical research projects among others. Now Google is now owned by Alphabet and changing the logo was a necessary way of telling the public that something has changed in the company. Changing the logo will help the company to attract more investors because it portrays a change of ownership and management.  However, it is obvious that the new logo is not motivated by design because the company has developed better designs in the past. The whole thing is about uniqueness and being relevant to users and potential investors.

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Chromebook Fast Gaining Traction in American Schools than IPad

Chromebook Fast Gaining Traction in American Schools than IPad

That the school sector in the United States is investing more on technology for their students is no doubt. Personal computers are fast gaining traction in classrooms with the numbers surging by the day. And Chromebook is the sole reason for the rapid growth trend in schools. These notebook computers that exclusively run on Google’s Chrome – though a nonentity in an area largely dominated by Microsoft and Apple – have brought dramatic changes in the sector.

According to a new report by a market research firm, IDC, over $7 billion was spent in the last year as shipping cost for two-in-one computers, tablets, laptops and desktops to institutions of higher education and kindergarten-through-12th-grade schools in the U.S. IDC estimates even more systems, about 33% more than the year before (2014), were shipped to schools across the U.S., that’s approximately $13.2 million in cost.

Apple was perhaps the greatest benefiter in the sector last year in regards to revenue, given that many of Apple’s high priced line-up of products, MacBook and iPads, were shipped to schools. The money spent accounted for almost half of the total that’s spent on PCs in the education sector, the report further said. So Apple reaped the largest revenue in the sector. But Microsoft was leading in regards to sheer numbers of devices sold in schools across the U.S.

According to the IDC report, in 2014, Microsoft boasted nearly a 38% market share in unit sales. Thanks to their shipping of approximately 4.9 million desktops, notebooks and other Microsoft devices (if any) to the school sector. Whereas Apple fell short having shipped about 4.2 million devices including tablets, notebook computers, desktops to the sector. Going by the report’s findings, the 4.2 million Apple devices accounted for about 32% of the education market.

Enter stage left: Chromebook. This device category has surpassed Apple iPads in U.S. schools, according to IDC. If the numbers are anything to go by, both Microsoft and Apple is no match to this upstart in the sector. Chromebooks have fast gained traction in schools. In 2014, iPad unit sales fell to 2.7 million devices from 2.9 million devices in 2013. In the same year, 2014, Chromebooks shipped around 3.9 million devices to the sector, a 310% increase of unit sales.

In regards to growth trend in US schools, Chromebooks takes the Oscar. It, however, leaves the revenue Oscar to Apple and the volume one to Microsoft, says the senior research analyst at IDC, Rajani Singh. Microsoft and Chromebooks have a close competition, though.

The former shipped about 2.2 million Window-based notebooks computers and desktops while the latter shipped approximately 2.4 million Chromebook devices. Competitiveness between the two is apparent. But with the growth of Chromebooks at an all-time high, the margin is perhaps going to draw further apart.

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The Go Programming Language

The Go Programming Language

About Golang

You probably are one of the capable people who wish to make a difference in how we operate our electronic devices. True enough, changing the world through software programming has been one of the most talked about practice when it comes to computers and electronics. You for one may not have been a stranger to how complex yet rewarding this feat could be. This fact makes the development of programming language a very good thing to consider if you are a programmer. One of which is Golang.

Before Golang was conceptualized, Oracle with its Java was still the hottest thing when it comes to making things work for your electronic devices and computers. However, certain situations have warranted Google, the developers of Golang, to come up with their own set of programming language. The whole idea started after lawsuits were filed against Google for the use of Java for their Android devices. Since then, the company has been working hard to develop this, not only to help themselves but also to aid programmers like you to experience a fairly easy time in designing and creating your software.

What is Golang?

Golang is essentially a contraction of Go programming language. It is an open source programming language that allows program developers to encode programming data with relative ease and efficiency. Although it is not yet evident that it is taking over the place of Java as the most popular programming language in the industry, it is slowly rising to fame. More and more big time companies and sites, such as Docker and Amazon's are already putting their trust in the relatively new way of programming. The breakthrough product's manager Jason Buberel would even go as far as saying that Golang could have the potential of knocking over Java and C# (Microsoft's programming language) from being the most popular language in 5 years' time.

Golang Features

Google boasts of the programming language's outstanding ease when it comes to inputting commands for software design. Unlike any other programming language, Golang includes a very simple user interface, which is pretty straightforward. Utter simplicity is also evidenced by completeness of the language itself. The developers of the language made it this way because they think that by keeping it simple, people can eventually master it, allowing them to make their creations better by the day. Unlike with the case of Java encoding, additions to the language are kept to a minimum in order to maintain the simplicity that it features.

Buberel believes that Golang will be enough for programmers inside and outside Silicon Valley, who just want to get down into the real deal without all the pretensions of complicated programming. With the help of the product, anyone with brilliant ideas will not have to be limited by the complexities of programming anymore.

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Google Planning To Acquire Twitter?

Google Planning To Acquire Twitter?

Since Facebook came into existence and took over the social media scene, honchos at Google are having sleepless nights trying to come up with a similar social network and perhaps a data service that will counter Facebook’s enviable dominance. Google+ was their best resort. However, their plans seem more of an exercise in futility as Google+ failed to achieve success. Now they’re eyeing Twitter, if what pundits are saying about the search giant’s latest plans is anything to go by.

Google have spent hundreds-millions of dollars trying to make Google+ a worthy competitor to Facebook, but it’s been futile. Facebook is now more than ever a growing threat to the search giant. Perhaps that’s what prompted Google to announce the scaling back of the also-ran social network. Also scaled down is the forcing of users to sign in to Google+ account when logging on to YouTube and other Google-related properties.

They have even gone as far as turning Hangouts and Photos, probably the most useful parts of Google+, into standalone offerings. But Google’s inability to understand the sheer power of Facebook is, according to a lengthy piece on Mashable, “an embarrassing feat”. Forcing users to sign up and throwing in gee-whiz features is not a prudent way to entirely convince users to spend time on their social network.

The previous demise of Google’s Buzz feature is a testament of the search giant’s bloated ego but this time with way many zeros attached to it. Although Google+ hasn’t fully achieved what it was designed to do, it’s still a compelling social network that users can access and use. The fact it’s yet to achieve a significant place in the social network scenes is what is perhaps making Google to want to buy Twitter.

They’ve spend a lot of millions and hours of developments on their social network, so they really can’t afford to go down without a fight. Acquiring Twitter will be a major boost on their part and an informed decision to move away from Google+. Google’s idea of creating Google+ wasn’t born on just the need to replicate what Facebook did and probably blunt its force, or because it was in dire need of content and social assets to market.

Although these also played a part, Google was equally focused on the need to tap into real-time behavior of data from users, which could in turn help them improve their advertising algorithms and also search results. So, indeed, Google is rethinking its social networking ambitions. But can acquiring Twitter be the utmost solution? Somewhat it is.

But that’s an entirely different story that pundits are waiting to see how it unfolds. So far Twitter shares are drastically falling, and Google+ is yet to live to people’s expectations. If things don’t change, Twitter’s overall market value is at stake. It’s a wait-and-see scenario, folks!


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Google Plan to Nab 80% of Microsoft’s Office Business

Google Plan to Nab 80% of Microsoft’s Office Business

Ever since Google Apps was introduced 10 years ago, Google has seen increased demand for its services and is giving Microsoft Office a really competitive challenge. Actually, Google plans on grabbing nearly 80% of Microsoft’s Office biggest clients. Back in 2005, many people that Google were crazy to even think of competing with Microsoft. However, today more companies are using Google Apps for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, cloud storage and cloud computing. Here are some of the ways Google intends to capture Microsoft’s customers:

Ensure that Google Apps offer the same or better functionality than Office

Google Apps is actually more lucrative for real-time collaboration activities, especially Google Docs. However, there is still the fact that Excel is more effective at financial analysis and ability to handle more data than Google Sheets. This is not such a major concern for Google since not many employees use that stuff. In fact, Google has been monitoring how people are using the productivity apps. They have discovered that not many people are actually creating new spreadsheets or documents. Most people just do some light editing and reading. If this is the case, then not everyone would need to have Microsoft Excel.

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Support all Office documents

With Google Drive for Work, clients can easily upload their Office documents and access them in the suitable Google Apps editor on either the desktop, tablet or phone. This means that you will not require installing additional aps for opening Office files. The files are usually rendered perfectly to allow light and quick editing and then they can be shared back in the native Microsoft Office format.

Do not try to convince companies to stop using Office and start using Google Apps

This is a very brilliant plan since Google knows there is no chance that enterprises will instantly stop using Microsoft Office. Rather, Google wants these companies to also purchase Apps, besides the current Office licenses that they have. This might sound like double-use, but Google believes that this is what will help companies avoid purchasing Office licenses for works who do not really require using it. This could end up saving enterprises lots of money by just paying for what is actually being used and not just an arbitrary figure of users.

Google Apps are cost-effective

Google Apps cost $5 per user per month while Office 365 starts at $8 per user per month. Already, PriceWaterhouseCoopers has already signed on for Google Apps for approximately 45,000employees. This was not the biggest deal that Google has signed, but it represents how businesses are shifting to a new model of productivity. This has laid the foundation of how Google intends to enter and dominate Microsoft’s world.


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