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Google Hangouts vs. Duo vs. Allo: the Ultimate Guide on Messenger Apps

In the field of messenger apps, Google has outdone itself and has offered three options to the world. Many have claimed that there is no point in having three different apps instead of one. However, a single app might have been too heavy to support and the features would have been overwhelming to the average user. So in this way, there is a solution covering each specific requirement in the market. 

Google Hangouts 

Google Hangouts have been established as a messenger app for the past few years, and their popularity is continuously increasing. With Hangouts you get the opportunity to send SMS texts and indulge in video calls. One of its major advantages is the fact that you can expect full cross-platform communication, unlike many competitors. 

Google Duo 

Duo focuses on one to one communication via video calls. With the help of sophisticated encryption, you can benefit from smooth security enhancement and overall efficiency throughout your communication needs. The Knock Knock feature allows you to watch the person who is calling you in the form of preview, for an extra sense of intimacy. 

blog allo a 

Google Allo 

This messenger app is solely available for mobile phone users. It is pretty neat and enables you to enjoy the same features as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Along with these features, though, Allo uses artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology to facilitate communication even more. With Smart Reply, you can choose a suggested answer to send over to your friends via the app instead of typing it yourself. 

Which One Should You Choose? 

Well, the truth is that all these messenger apps cover different aspects of communication online. This means that you cannot do without one or the other, as you will be lacking something. For business purposes, Google Hangouts will be the ideal solution. This tool comes with great features that help you work together as a team and of course schedule online meetings. 

Google Allo is the most suitable option for mobile phone users who seek convenience on the go. If you are determined to maintain your communication freedom no matter what, this app will be of unique assistance to you. It will allow you to conveniently send and receive messages, without any complicated process. 

Last but not least, Google Duo implements an integrated solution for sophisticated security. So if you wish to combine great and thorough security with high-quality video calls and special features.

So it is up to you to decide which messenger app best meets your tailor-made requirements and proceed with its use!

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Detecting the Best Connections with Google OnHub

Detecting the Best Connections with Google OnHub

You can find connections that are fast and effective with your wifi.  If you are looking for Internet speed that is compatible with your activities, then Google OnHub can help you to find the needed solution.  This particular device is designed to speed up your current connection while offering a modem that helps you to fast forward every activity.  The different characteristics of this device allow you to move ahead while staying connected with the best and fastest wifi.

Characteristics of Google OnHub

Most have an existing modem that keeps them connected to the Internet.  However, this is often bombarded with too many signals, slowing down the speed you need for streaming, downloading or staying connected.  Google OnHub allows you to take your existing modem and to speed it up for more options with wifi.  It helps you to find the best connection through your Internet, making it simple for you to enjoy entertainment or to stay ahead with your online activities.  If you are connected and not moving quickly enough, it will find the fastest speed with your broadband to help you to stay away from the crawling pace that the Internet sometimes have. 

Unique Features of Google OnHub

The Google OnHub device is designed to detect and monitor the details of your Internet connection for faster and more reliable speed.  It is designed with a circular antenna, specifically so you can pick up a strong broadband connection anywhere in your home.  You will also find additions with diagnostics from potential problems with your Internet.  If you have slow speed, then simply turn to the OnHub app to find where the issues are and to reset your wifi.  Even if you are away from home, and someone else needs access to the Internet, you can diagnose and manage the Internet for reliable and continuous speed.  

Getting Smarter with OnHub

You will find that there are various features of Google OnHub that add into smart devices required.  The device is recognized as a smart device because of the various features it offers.  It is device friendly, meaning it is easier to connect to with smart phones to tablets that need to connect to your wifi.  You will also find antennas that take out buffering, allowing you to take more wifi signals into your home.  You will no longer need to worry about coverage or other issues with the Internet.  Instead, you can rely on the convenience of the OnHub for better options.

Upgrade to a smart system for your home using the Google OnHub.  This particular device is designed to help with the wifi in your area, providing you with simple and fast solutions to stay connected.  Whether you are streaming movies or downloading important documents, are easier ways to stay online with the Internet connector.  This device makes it easier for you to set up and stay ahead with wifi solutions you need.

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Things You Need To Know About Microsoft Windows 10

Things You Need To Know About Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft has done it again, with the introduction of Microsoft Windows 10. There are new enhancements when it comes to the integration with this latest version of Windows. The Operating System is reported to outdo the offers made available by both Windows 7 and 8. Aside from this, Microsoft has also managed to divert attention to the most important feature, which is security. 

Because of this, there are a lot of tweaks that can be expected, and all of them are designed to avoid potential security loopholes, which are often manipulated by system hackers. As the security upgrades are being upgraded, hackers are kept away. This is expected to lower down issues on data theft and security breaches. This upgraded version has been decided to provide an even better situation than what has already been offered including avoiding potential hacking attempts.

Major Tweaks 

With the introduction of Microsoft Windows 10, emphasis is being placed on Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant. This feature has continued in its improvement since the launch in 2014. While it was being used on Windows Phone before, Microsoft has decided to bring this feature to the desktop. 

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Microsoft may also set on introducing an Xbox app. This serves as a portal to the entire Xbox environment. This only means that gamers can see and set their friend list, achievements, as well as activity feeds from a desktop computer. 

Another feature that is being expected is Continuum, which enables users to switch use between tablet, PC, and phone. At the same time, Microsoft seems to understand that Windows users are very much dependent on the Start Menu. As what some leaked screenshots show, the ‘Start’ feature may be having its comeback. This is not to mention a lighter weight Internet Explorer package. 

Enhanced Security 

One of the most vital additions to this version is the introduction of the authentication feature, which helps in promoting security. This authentication features help in ultimately increasing security to a higher level. For instance, if a user is on Windows mobile, choosing the option of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi will help in gaining access to the device. 

On top of that, the technology, of using a fingerprint reader, serves as authenticator aside from using the password. This feature has already been used in iOS devices and is used for unlocking Apple devices. Now, Microsoft has taken the cue in creating a robust system that protects data and privacy, thus giving an extra security level. 

Segregation of Data 

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Blackberry have already incorporated in their devices a certain feature that allows for data segregation. The user professional and personal data is stored and managed in a safe way without having to infiltrate another. It provides freedom to the user to keep their data safe from unnecessary and unsafe access from outside sources. 

At the same time, communication has been made easier, such as e-mail conversations together with personal and professional groups that are separately managed in order to keep you from mixing data accidentally. Changes such as these are also implemented in Microsoft Windows 10. Anything that a desktop user sets as corporate will be automatically encrypted and protected. This includes keeping safe apps, website content, data, and e-mail. 

Use of Authorized Apps 

The previous standard procedures have always been that if an app is made available online, it is easy to install and download it right away. This happens, even though, the app may not be authorized. This can be a cause of a major risk in security. By downloading unauthorized apps, problems can happen. It can cause a major issue most particularly when the user is in a corporate environment, which exposes confidential systems to viruses and malware. 

Extra Features 

In the end, it is just about the capability to control and access endpoints, which allow for an even better desktop and mobile security. Staying alert against criminals and cyber crime causes may also need further enhancements of the system. But for now, the system made available through Windows 10 has the features necessary to promote security. The bottom line is that, it is still all about safety measures and security options. They are very important in protecting your personal computer from threats such as hacking, viruses, as well as the introduction of malware. This security enhancement protects individuals, but most particularly those who are working in the corporate sector. Data, personal information, and other documents should be protected accordingly. This is what Microsoft Windows 10 is all about.

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Here Comes Toyota’s Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicles

Here Comes Toyota’s Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicles

Toyota has done it again. This time, however, it’s no longer an introduction of the typical four wheeled vehicle that they have been fond creating. Soon enough, we will be able to see peculiar sights in our streets – one that is governed by hulked-up mopeds resembling funky vehicles. True, they may look rather silly at first, but their functionalities and capabilities make them great electric vehicles.

The New Groove

In a French city, Toyota has launched a program allowing residents access to two other weird vehicles that were recently manufactured. Toyota offered 70 EVs for rent for shorter periods of time. The system is just like how they do it with bike sharing – the concept is to provide people a way to have a way from the regular public transit stations going to their destinations, so that they will no longer feel the need to bring along their car.

According to Takeshi Uchiyamada, chairman of Toyota, their goal is to introduce urban mobility. This will allow getting around the cities much easier, thus reducing emissions. Under this program, anybody who is 18 years old or older and with a driver’s license may sign up for the program and can choose between two types of vehicles: the three-wheeled i-Road, or the four-wheeled COMS.

blog toyota i road a

The Three Wheeled EVs

The i-Road from Toyota is just as wide as the bigger motorcycles on the road these days. It can seat up to two people, with one behind the other. It comes with two articulating wheels up front, and each of them is being powered by a two kilowatt motor. The one on the back has the capability to swivel just like the wheel found on shopping carts. While it stands upright when in a stationary position, it can lean like a motorcycle during turns.

The brake pedal, accelerator, as well as the steering wheel works just like a typical car, but the overall experience is like a combination of driving an airplane, motorboat, as well as a low-slung sports car. Through the i-Road’s side window, the pave rises up in order to provide you peripheral vision during turns.

At the same time, this EV comes with a G meter which can calculate the angle in which the body leans, limiting the angle so that it will not tip over. The engineers from Toyota designed it in a way in which the wheel vibrates in order to let the drivers become aware when the vehicle is already leaning at the maximum angle.

These three-wheeled electric vehicles from Toyota are designed for traveling short distances within cities. It is as compact as a motorcycle, but more comfortable and safer because of the enclosed cabin.

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AeroMobil Flying Car Set To Take Off In 2017

AeroMobil Flying Car Set To Take Off In 2017

The dream of having a functional flying car will be realized soon, if what AeroMobil CEO, Juraj Vaculik, revealed at SXSW about plans being underway to create a practical flying car prototype is anything to go by. AeroMobil Company has had past challenges while pursuing their dream of crafting a practical flying car. The company creates prototypes, but it now wants to craft fully fledged consumer vehicles, something they want to achieve in 2017.

Are Their Plans Feasible?

AeroMobil CEO and his co-founder Stefan Klein have had the dream of driving and flying in the same vehicle. Now they want to make it a reality. But their dream of flying a car, they say, was not “simply a result of wishing to free their cars from the bonds of earth”. They just wanted to frustrate tradition and create a car that was not restricted by a lack of infrastructure on where people want to go, inefficient air travel (especially on trips under 400 miles), and traffic jams.

Being natives of the present-day Slovak Republic, Stefan Klein and Juraj Vaculik dream of flying a car remained despite the Iron Curtain falling in their country 25 years ago. They were more motivated to escape the unfair oppression of the then Czech government and its communistic ideals, and achieve their dreams. And escaping oppression they did. Now they are working on helping world drivers and air travelers alike beat costly traffic jams and inefficient air travel.

blog aeromobil a

Juraj Vaculik, in particular, sees the world as restricted by all these things. He wants to alleviate such issues by creating a flying car, one of its kinds in the history of the world. If their plans are in place and everything set, they say their dream will be achievable come 2017. The AeroMobil flying car will be a fully fledged consumer vehicle, which its initial consumer version will cost at least an arm and a leg (read: a couple of hundred thousand Euros). We all can’t wait to see it.

“We need to move traffic from a 2D space to a 3D space,” says AeroMobil CEO, Juraj Vaculik. He naturally feels that their flying car innovation will be the answer to all travelling issues, both on the road and in the air. But crafting the world’s first flying vehicle is not a mean feat. AeroMobil will have to clear regulatory, financial and technical hurdles first. In addition, they require more infrastructures to accommodate their forthcoming flying hordes.

The construction of the car itself, not to mention finances to steer the project and the seeking of the government’s approval, will simply be a daunting, time-consuming task. But AeroMobil are said to be in control of “things” and everything will “certainly” go as planned.

AeroMobil Company enjoys very strong EU support, so getting public funding to help with R&D production costs and the flying vehicles certification of operation (under EU’s regulatory scheme) will not be an issue. The future does look bright for them. First offering of the hybrid AeroMobil flying car will necessarily target affluent aficionados. 2017, here we wait!

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USB Type-C - The Future of USB Technology

USB Type-C - The Future of USB Technology

The death of AC laptop chargers is looming thanks to the inception of the all new USB Type-C connector. It is touted as the “future of USB technology – and no doubt it is. It is a game changer of sorts this USB if the major improvements it promises are anything to go by. Pundits say the exciting new features that this tiny cable brings are quite handful: USB dongles are going to be your new friend (for now), data transfer will be a lot quicker, and it will be now easier to plug in.

Put another way, the USB Type-C connector (also known as USB 3.1) will revolutionize USB technology magnanimously. The announcement at the Apple event that the new USB Type-C connector was fitted in the new MacBook notebook couldn’t have come at a better time. The world is now likely to see other device manufactures embracing this sterling USB technology, possibly this year. This simply means that the death of AC laptop chargers is [really] drawing nigh.

Things You Should Know About the USB Type-C Connector

It’s hard not to be impressed with the progress of the USB technology, as the technology will bring changes that few expected will take place so soon. Firstly, it will now be easier to plug in devices the correct way, every time. This is largely because the connector is creatively designed that the two both ends are the same. This simply means you won’t experience difficulty when plugging-in USB to a device, with lights off. Well, no more “upside-down” only convenience.

blog usb type c a

In addition, USB Type C will make transferring data and charging devices a lot easier. This is will see the death of AC laptop chargers, as the connector will prove handy and convenient. It will make charging of devices a lot quicker thanks to its offering a transfer rate of 10Gbps. Well, that’s a higher rate by any standard. Its predecessor (USB 3.0) had half of the transfer rate with 1.8 amps and 5 volts, compared to its successor’s 20 volts and 5 amps of power. This is grand!

In other words, transferring of data will be a lot faster as well as charging device batteries. It is just what the doctor ordered. If you purchase, say the new MacBook that is equipped with a USB Type-C connector, expect to have USB dongles close by. Although the USB technology is not yet widespread, you will require USB dongles so as to connect devices together. Like, say a device with an older USB version or an HDMI screen.

In a nutshell, the new USB Type-C connector will be so much more for new laptops, tablets and even Smartphone’s. There is even the likelihood that smaller phones will be crafted, thanks to the smaller connectors of this sterling USB technology boasts.

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