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Google Planning To Acquire Twitter?

Since Facebook came into existence and took over the social media scene, honchos at Google are having sleepless nights trying to come up with a similar social network and perhaps a data service that will counter Facebook’s enviable dominance. Google+ was their best resort. However, their plans seem more of an exercise in futility as Google+ failed to achieve success. Now they’re eyeing Twitter, if what pundits are saying about the search giant’s latest plans is anything to go by.

Google have spent hundreds-millions of dollars trying to make Google+ a worthy competitor to Facebook, but it’s been futile. Facebook is now more than ever a growing threat to the search giant. Perhaps that’s what prompted Google to announce the scaling back of the also-ran social network. Also scaled down is the forcing of users to sign in to Google+ account when logging on to YouTube and other Google-related properties.

They have even gone as far as turning Hangouts and Photos, probably the most useful parts of Google+, into standalone offerings. But Google’s inability to understand the sheer power of Facebook is, according to a lengthy piece on Mashable, “an embarrassing feat”. Forcing users to sign up and throwing in gee-whiz features is not a prudent way to entirely convince users to spend time on their social network.

The previous demise of Google’s Buzz feature is a testament of the search giant’s bloated ego but this time with way many zeros attached to it. Although Google+ hasn’t fully achieved what it was designed to do, it’s still a compelling social network that users can access and use. The fact it’s yet to achieve a significant place in the social network scenes is what is perhaps making Google to want to buy Twitter.

They’ve spend a lot of millions and hours of developments on their social network, so they really can’t afford to go down without a fight. Acquiring Twitter will be a major boost on their part and an informed decision to move away from Google+. Google’s idea of creating Google+ wasn’t born on just the need to replicate what Facebook did and probably blunt its force, or because it was in dire need of content and social assets to market.

Although these also played a part, Google was equally focused on the need to tap into real-time behavior of data from users, which could in turn help them improve their advertising algorithms and also search results. So, indeed, Google is rethinking its social networking ambitions. But can acquiring Twitter be the utmost solution? Somewhat it is.

But that’s an entirely different story that pundits are waiting to see how it unfolds. So far Twitter shares are drastically falling, and Google+ is yet to live to people’s expectations. If things don’t change, Twitter’s overall market value is at stake. It’s a wait-and-see scenario, folks!


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Wednesday, 24 January 2018