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The Go Programming Language

About Golang

You probably are one of the capable people who wish to make a difference in how we operate our electronic devices. True enough, changing the world through software programming has been one of the most talked about practice when it comes to computers and electronics. You for one may not have been a stranger to how complex yet rewarding this feat could be. This fact makes the development of programming language a very good thing to consider if you are a programmer. One of which is Golang.

Before Golang was conceptualized, Oracle with its Java was still the hottest thing when it comes to making things work for your electronic devices and computers. However, certain situations have warranted Google, the developers of Golang, to come up with their own set of programming language. The whole idea started after lawsuits were filed against Google for the use of Java for their Android devices. Since then, the company has been working hard to develop this, not only to help themselves but also to aid programmers like you to experience a fairly easy time in designing and creating your software.

What is Golang?

Golang is essentially a contraction of Go programming language. It is an open source programming language that allows program developers to encode programming data with relative ease and efficiency. Although it is not yet evident that it is taking over the place of Java as the most popular programming language in the industry, it is slowly rising to fame. More and more big time companies and sites, such as Docker and Amazon's are already putting their trust in the relatively new way of programming. The breakthrough product's manager Jason Buberel would even go as far as saying that Golang could have the potential of knocking over Java and C# (Microsoft's programming language) from being the most popular language in 5 years' time.

Golang Features

Google boasts of the programming language's outstanding ease when it comes to inputting commands for software design. Unlike any other programming language, Golang includes a very simple user interface, which is pretty straightforward. Utter simplicity is also evidenced by completeness of the language itself. The developers of the language made it this way because they think that by keeping it simple, people can eventually master it, allowing them to make their creations better by the day. Unlike with the case of Java encoding, additions to the language are kept to a minimum in order to maintain the simplicity that it features.

Buberel believes that Golang will be enough for programmers inside and outside Silicon Valley, who just want to get down into the real deal without all the pretensions of complicated programming. With the help of the product, anyone with brilliant ideas will not have to be limited by the complexities of programming anymore.

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Wednesday, 24 January 2018